Viewing locations for UP200/MNR

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1) Friday night start of the UP200 & Midnight Run  February 18, 2022  Downtown Marquette – 7:00pm  Washington Street at the corner of 4th Street.

2) The Welcome Center in Harvey is a great place to view the teams as they are heading for the woods. Restrooms are available inside the Center.  Join the race enthusiasts in Harvey as the teams make their way up the trail.

3) Prince of Peace Church in Harvey has great viewing also and will have a bonfire where you can stay warm.  Inside the Church are bathrooms and there will be food, refreshments, and a bonfire starting at 6:30pm (open to the public).

4) Further down M-28 you can see the dog teams as they run by Lakenenland Sculpture Park.

5) Mushers can be viewed later in Chatham.  Midnight Run teams arrive at the MSU Farm checkpoint in Chatham starting around midnight.  Chatham is located approx 30 miles from Marquette. Take Hwy 41 south, then turn left on M-94.

Rock River Road viewing site in Chatham — turn north out of Chatham, crossing is about 4 miles down Rock River Road.

6) Forest Lake Road –  Autrain Basin Dam (Forest Lake) – mushers will cross M-94 just east of the dam.

Rapid River Truck Trail approx 1/4 mile off M-94 to road crossing

Buckhorn – When you see the big sign that says Buckhorn turn right.

Federal Forest Hwy 13, Wetmore – approx 3.2 miles to road crossing

7) Wetmore – The teams cross M-28 by Hiawatha Log Homes.  State Police will be assisting.  The Wetmore checkpoint will provide hot chocolate and S’mores for spectators at M28. Teams then proceed to the checkpoint at Timber Products where they take a mandatory five-hour layover before leaving for Grand Marais.  Please note: Timber Products checkpoint is not open to the public (dogs need their rest).

February 19, 2022, Saturday Morning

Midnight Run teams return from Chatham to Marquette along the same trail they took outbound.  Teams leave Chatham between 5:30 am and 9:00 am, and will finish at Ojibway Casino on M-28 east of Harvey.  We expect the teams to start arriving sometime after 8am.  Join us at the Casino to cheer in the Midnight Run mushers and dogs!

UP200 Teams:

Wetmore to Grand Marais starting around 5:00 am – 7:00 am – teams will leave from Timber Products checkpoint.

Hwy 58 Crossings – Saturday 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Two possible ways to go:

8) From Shingleton: 9 miles southeast of Munising, turn left on Hwy 15 to get to Hwy 58, go to the Bear Trap Bar in Van Meer and turn right; look for trail marker signs of the sled dog race.

9) From Munising: At the Big C Realty sign, go straight through the flashing red light out past the paper mill on H-58. Continue past the Bear Trap Bar in Van Meer to Melstrand. Drive another 8 miles to Hwy 58 crossing.

Grand Marais Checkpoint
Saturday, February 19, 2022  12:00 noon – 3:00pm Arrival (estimated)

Click here to download the Grand Marais viewing map. Note that the numbers on the Grand Marais map are slightly different from the general map of viewing areas.

From Munising, take M-28 east to Seney and turn left on Hwy 77 North (approx. 34 miles.)

Hwy 77 North, go approximately 25 miles to Grand Marais Checkpoint

1st viewing spot is located approx 22 miles from Hwy 77/M-28


Crossing 11 – turn West on Lowder Rd; park at corner of Lowder & William Hill Road.

Crossing 10 –  turn West on Newberg Rd; park at corner of Newberg & William Hill Road (Hwy 58)

Crossing 7 –  turn West on Mixon Rd; park where road is blocked – incoming teams will be coming directly at you down Mixon Road.

Crossing 5 –  Ridge Rd at the cemetery – the teams cross Ridge Rd at this point. Park on Ridge Rd.

Crossing 4 –  Wilson St. at Alger Ave. – mushers come out of the woods and come down Alger Ave. Park on Wilson St.

Crossings 3 –  Randolph St at Alger – park on Randolph. The mushers come down a steep hill and onto Alger St. (This is one of the best views when mushers are coming into Grand Marais.)

Grand Marais Checkpoint Gate at Headquarters on Brazel St – Parking is on the side streets, as Brazel and Alger Streets are closed for the race. Parking at the Community Center is reserved for race officials and race workers only.  Spectators can also park at the marina, which is on Lake Avenue past the Bayshore Gas Station.  There is also parking on the main street.  The checkpoint is one block west of the main street.  Turn left just past the gas station.

Grand Marais Community Center Checkpoint will be open from 7:00 am until the last musher leaves. Dogs will typically be at the Checkpoint from late-morning to early afternoon. There is food at the checkpoint and a number of activities. View the complete Grand Marais schedule.

Note: A detailed Grand Marais map is located at the end of this document depicting the viewing areas listed above.

Saturday Night Wetmore – From Grand Marais, UP 200 teams will return to Wetmore for their inbound checkpoint.  Again, to respect our checkpoint host and let the dogs rest, spectators are not permitted at this checkpoint.

February 20, 2022, Sunday Morning

Marquette Finish – UP 200 teams are expected to begin arriving at the lower harbor in Marquette late morning.  The first teams could be in as early as 11:00 am, but  we expect they will be arriving all afternoon and into the evening.  Be there when the Red Lantern (the last musher in) arrives to cheer him or her on!


Grand Marais spectator map