2023 Judges

Race Marshal: Josh Lindstrom

Josh has been with us as a UP200 judge for the past few years. We welcome him back as our Race Marshall for 2023

Jon Brown  We welcome Jon back for his second year as a judge. He has a lengthy history with sled dog racing and is noted for his work with  the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race.

Ron Modin  – We also welcome Ron back for his second year as a judge. For several years Ron had a sled dog kennel in Alger County and raced throughout the Midwest and southern Ontario.

Mary Lambirth – Accompanied by her husband, Harry, this will be Mary’s first time as a judge for our races. She is an accomplished musher and wilderness guide; we welcome her return to the Marquette area as one of our judges.

JACK PINE 30 JUDGE: Bernie Jensen