Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected to three year terms, with three board members terms expiring each year. They are elected at the annual membership meeting by the general membership. A student representative serves a 1-year term and is appointed by the Board.

Current Board Members (term ends):

Darlene Walch (2022) / President / Fundraising

Ross Anthony (2020) / Vice-President / Start Finish / Fundraising

Angela Sjolund (2020) / Trail / Fundraising

Cathy Egerer (2022) / Grand Marais Checkpoint Coordinator

Monica Regis (2021) / Merchandise

Ashlyn Jendro (2020)

Myah Tatay (2022)

Sigurd Utych (2021)

Paul Racine (2021)

Maddie Arszulowicz / NMU Student Representative (2020)

Support Positions

Pam Forsberg / Secretary

Karen Fox / Treasurer


And let’s not forget our mascot, Seamus!