Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected to three year terms, with three terms expiring each year. They are elected at the annual membership meeting in May.  A student representative serves a 1-year term and is appointed by the Board.

Current Board Members (term ends):

Darlene Walch (2022) / President / Fundraising

Mari Vaydik (2024) / Vice-President / Fundraising

Ross Anthony (2023) / Treasurer/ Start Finish / Fundraising

Angela Sjolund (2023) / Trail / Fundraising

Cathy Egerer (2022) / Grand Marais Checkpoint Coordinator

Monica Regis (2024) / Merchandise

Myah Tatay (2022)

Abigail Marty (2023)

Paul Racine (2024)

Katie Lakatosh – NMU Student Representative (2022)

Support Positions

Pam Forsberg / Secretary

Karen Fox / Bookkeeper