The Tom Porn Award

This coveted sportsmanship award is presented by the mushers themselves to a fellow musher who demonstrates a positive attitude along with fair play and compassion for his/her dogs and peers. Dr. Tom Porn was the first official photographer for the UPSDA and a past board member. Tragically he died in 1995 during a scuba diving accident.

The Cooley Challenge

Every year a musher is selected by the veterinarians for his/her exemplary care of his/her dog team. Dr. Tom Cooley was head vet at the first race in 1990, and died in a lodge fire in 1991. Bonny, Tom’s widow, makes this award possible by giving $500.00 each year. The money is given to Midnight Run and UP200 recipients.

The Red Lantern Award

The actual red lantern is inscribed with a plaque denoting the name of the musher and the year of the race. The lantern is given to the musher who finishes last in each race.

The Beverly Stroh Award

Is given to a long standing volunteer for the races. Beverly Stroh was our volunteer Webmaster and dear friend for many years. Recognizing her dedication to the UP200, the board felt this would be an appropriate way to remember Bev’s countless contributions and honor her memory following her passing. The award is given by Lee and Claudia Nowak, longtime supporters of the race.