SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Grand Marais Outfitters

January 22, 2023

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Thank you to Grand Marais Outfitters for returning as a loyal race sponsor for 2023! Grand Marais Outfitters sells a wide variety of outerwear and hiking gear to help you enjoy all seasons of Michigan weather. They are open year-round and can gear you up for the beauty and adventure each season brings: spring fishing and rocking, summer boating and camping, fall hiking and colors and, of course, winter snowshoeing! Daily snowshoe rentals are available for $25.

Owner Jeannie Kain (recently featured in Michigan Blue Magazine) says that Grand Marais Outfitters sponsors the races for many reasons: “We’re here to cheer the mushers and their teams on and to provide a great shopping experience for any outerwear or souvenir needs in Grand Marais. The opportunity to see the teams as they arrive in Grand Marais for their mandatory rest period enables spectators to get closer to the race teams and share in the excitement. Being outside and enjoying the weather, as well as the camaraderie of the community, makes the whole weekend special. The dog sled races are an amazing feat for all the race participants and we love and respect the months of training that takes place year round to prepare to compete. We are very proud to be a part of the family friendly events in Grand Marais during the UP 200, Midnight Run and Jack Pine 30 weekend. It will be a great time for the whole family!”

Visit them in Grand Marais or online at https://grandmaraisoutfitters.net/