Changes Coming to Chatham

October 15, 2022

Mushers, officials and volunteers will see two changes at the Midnight Run checkpoint in Chatham for 2023. We’ll still be at the MSU Experimental Farm so many things will be familiar.  However, a change to the Midnight Run rules and a personnel change will impact us all.

After considering the topic for the past few years, the UPSDA Board adopted a rule change to allow Midnight Run mushers the option of boxing their dogs at the Chatham checkpoint. In spite of everything our MSU host and checkpoint crew do, weather conditions at Chatham are very challenging given the layout of the buildings and the large surrounding fields. After consulting with our chief veterinarian, the UPSDA Board concluded that allowing the option to box dogs at Chatham is in the best interest of our canine athletes.

On the personnel side, our long time Chatham Checkpoint Coordinator, Sarah Kimball, announced that she will be stepping down from the lead role due to health concerns. The good news is that Sarah will stay with the checkpoint for 2023 as she works with her assistant, Adam Lacey, to facilitate a smooth transition. They will engage in role reversal: Adam will take the lead while Sarah mentors as his assistant. We accept her retirement with mixed emotions. Sarah has done a stellar job coordinating the Chatham checkpoint and we will miss her, but we whole-heartedly support her decision to prioritize her health and well-being.