Dryland Dash Earns Full ISDRA Sanctioning For 2022

July 29, 2022

Dryland Dash Earns Full ISDRA Sanctioning For 2022
By Tim Trowbridge

The International Sled Dog Racing Association has granted “Full Sanctioning” to the Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association’s 6th running of the Dryland Dash on October 8-9, 2022. Each Year ISDRA requires every driver to fill out an evaluation form on their impressions of the race, so that contestants will know what can be expected for the next year. It establishes a reputation for the race based on previous years. We have earned the “Full Sanctioning, no restrictions” label in the past 5 years in every race class. This is thanks to the many volunteers who help to make it a world class event.  The Negaunee Township Park provides us with an ideal, mostly shaded trail with interesting, sometimes challenging hills and turns. Dogs, especially, look forward to what is around the next corner.  Spectators get up close to drivers and dogs without snow and cold. Plan now for a great weekend in Negaunee on the second weekend in October!

Following are some of the comments by drivers on their ISDRA evaluations:

  • Plan on returning! – 6-dog rig musher
  • Fun! Trails were great! Great race! – 4-dog rig musher
  • Great job. Thank you.  – 2-dog scooter musher
  • Fantastic race.  Our first year and we look forward to coming back. Great trail. Thank you, great race. – 2-dog bikejoring musher
  • Start at 9am on second day so dogs can run in cooler weather.  Well run race – 1-dog bikejoring musher

The 2022 Dryland Dash takes place October 8 and 9, 2022 at Negaunee Township Park. More details will be posted here soon. Interested in volunteering? Email Tim Trowbridge at tctrowbridge@charter.net