January 12, 2022

Welcome, Honest Dog Books from Bayfield, WI! Honest Dog Books is a musher-owned independent bookstore with a curated collection of used and new books on outdoor adventure, dogs and dogsledding. Musher/ owner/ author Julie Buckles says “We aspire to someday carry the largest collection of dogsledding books (maybe we already do–hard to tell). We chose to sponsor the UP200 because we are lifelong mushers (where else would Honest Dog Books’ name come from but from mushers?) and this race has always captured our imagination. Our own local race, the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race, closed down this year and we were happy to be able to find a way to be a part of another regional race.”

You can browse Honest Dog Books’ curated selection of books at https://honestdogbooks.com/ or by visiting them at their shop in Bayfield, WI. Their entire stock can be found online and they’ve become known for dog doodles drawn on every package sent!