2019 UP200 & Midnight Rules are ready for prime time!

November 1, 2018

Good news – the 2019 UP200 & Midnight Run race rules are ready. We encourage you to read the rules and become familiar with mandatory equipment, veterinary guidelines, and the basic components of the race rules.

Although there are not many changes from last year, we point out two sections where changes affect mushers. Beginning this year, sanctions imposed by other race organizations will be honored unless the musher’s entry is approved by the UPSDA board (Rule I.A.5, page 3).

The other rule change has to do with mushers who withdraw (scratch) from the race. A team must be cleared by a Judge and Veterinarian. A musher withdrawing between checkpoints must proceed to the nearest open checkpoint to officially withdraw. Handlers may assist with transporting a team withdrawing along the trail (Rule II.B. 3, page 10).