2016 Veterinary Team

GustafsonLEAD VETERINARIAN – Tom Gustafson, DVM, CVSMT
Tom began working as a sled dog race trail vet in 1994. Since then, he has worked at various sled dog races in the Midwest including the UP200 and Midnight Run, Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race, CopperDog 150, The IronLine Sled Dog Race, Seney 300, John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, Great Trails Sled Dog Race, and the G-M Classic. Tom is the co-owner of the Thompson Veterinary Clinic in Manistique, MI where he is a mixed-animal practitioner. He is Certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy and is an instructor at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center. He shares his home with beloved wife, 4 children, and animals too numerous to list. Tom looks forward to working with the canine athletes that will be competing in the UP200 and Midnight Run.

Dr. Jeanie Wilcox, DVM is a ’94 graduate of Michigan State University. She has a practice in Gwinn, MI. She has been involved in the UP sled dog races as a vet since 1995 and is excited to be involved in the UP200/Midnight Run races again this year…she really likes the green parka! She tries to follow Dr Tom around to the various races like the Tahquamenon, IronLine, Beargrease and these races.  Her interests beyond vet work include  biking, beading, horses, bird hunting with her spectacular dogs, and wilderness trips to canoe and camp with her husband, Burt and appropriate critter kids when allowed.

David Gagnon, DVM  is a 2012 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.  He began his life as a trail vet at the UP200 in 2011 as a student, and has also worked the Beargrease.  David loves working with the sled dogs, the mushers, handlers, and the rest of the vet team.  David spends his time outdoors hunting and running with Solomon, his Brittany pup.

Elroy Roedel, DVM graduated from Michigan State University in 1983 and has spent 3 years in a mixed practice in Whitewater, WI and 27 years in a mixed practice in Loyal, WI. He is a relative rookie in the sled dog racing world, having gotten his feet wet (and frozen!) at the Apostle Islands race in 2013. Having enjoyed it immensely, he is trying his hand at a longer race, coming equipped with better footgear and his wife, Deb, a retired CVT who also worked the race last year. They are both looking forward to meeting and working with other outdoor lovers!

SheldonDr. CC Sheldon, DVM (in the center in yellow) instructs Veterinary Technician students at the Madison Area Technical College. “Though I love sled dogs and just got back from a fabulous trip with white wilderness I do not own any sled dogs now… I look forward to helping you with any troubles you might have on the trail but I hope as you do that you do not need any veterinary help!!! Here’s to a safe and productive race!!”

Dr. Becky Moss, DVM

Vet Techs

meghanmarksMeghan Marks CVT Meghan is a veteran of the UP200 and has spent the past 15 years with sled dogs.  She is amazed at the changes over the years!  Meghan truly loves her sled dog family, and each season she looks forward to helping the mushers and dogs cross the finish line safely.  She is excited for this year’s race and the next 15 years to come!

Gabrielle RadfordGabrielle Radford, CVT has been a CVT for 11 years. She teaches veterinary technology at Globe University in Green Bay. This is her first time working with sled dogs but she has a vast amount of veterinary experience. Her veterinary medical experience includes working with the Military Working Dogs, shelter medicine, emergency medicine, surgery and anesthesiology, veterinary ophthalmology, and nutrition. She lives in Freedom, Wisconsin with her three year old daughter. In her spare time she is a  foster parent and volunteers for a local spay/neuter clinic.

Heather-Darbo-McClellanHeather Darbo-McClellan, CVT, VTS (ECC) Heather has over 19 years experience.  She specializes in emergency and critical care, behavior and wildlife rehabilitation.  Working with multiple species has helped her succeed as a relief Veterinary Technician and consultant, staring her own consulting company HDM CVT Consulting, LLC in 2012.  Currently Heather is excited to share her knowledge to her students at Gateway Technical College Veterinary Science Program.  This is Heather’s 4th UP200 and she is honored to be a part of the Vet Team for 2016.  Heather enjoys spending all her free time hiking and paddling with her 2 dogs and husband.  There is never a bad weather day for Heather, you’ll always find her outside.

Ashley Miller, CVT

Vet Students

Julia Simons

Amanda Craig

Taylor Biermaier

Brooke Carrow

Austin Prichard