The Midnight Run

Midnight Run map

Download the Midnight Run trail map

The mandatory layover time in Chatham is five and one-half (5.5) hours, plus the start differential.  This helps to facilitate the downtown Marquette start while maintaining the overall race schedule.

The Midnight Run start time is 30 minutes after the last UP200 musher leaves the chute, but not before 8:30pm, on  Friday, February 16, 2018

2019 Midnight Run Purse

1st Place $2,900
2nd Place $2,500
3rd Place $2,100
4th Place $1,600
5th Place $1,100
6th Place $750
7th Place $500
8th Place $400
9th Place $340
10th Place $300
11th Place $280
12th Place $250
13th Place $215
14th Place $190
15th Place $150
Total $13,575

The Midnight Run is an eight-dog, 90 mile race. This race is typically a faster race than the UP200. Midnight Run mushers will again start in downtown Marquette traveling to Chatham and then returning to Marquette for the finish. The Midnight Run draws some of the finest eight-dog teams in the region and the competition is fierce!

The Midnight Run trail crew have been working all summer on the trail and has approximated the mileage at 90 miles.

The Midnight Run teams will begin to leave the chute from downtown Marquette thirty minutes after the last UP200 team, but not before 8:30pm. Mushers will travel about 45 miles, to the Chatham checkpoint (Michigan State University Facility).  In Chatham, mushers will complete a mandatory 5-1/2 hour layover period, and will finish in Marquette at the Lower Harbor Park on Saturday morning with the first teams arriving in Marquette about 8:30am.

The second leg of the race, Chatham to Marquette is about 45 miles for a total of 90 miles.