UP 200 Dryland Dash and Fun Run – Oct. 13-14

August 28, 2018

The 2018 Dryland Dash will take place on October 13th and 14th at Negaunee Township Park. Races start at 10:00 am both days. Classes featured in the two day event will be the 6 and 4 dog rig; 2 dog scooter; 1 and 2 dog bikejor and 1 and 2 dog canicross. Times will be combined over the two days to determine the winners competing for a part of a $2000 purse. Entry information and rules for the Dryland Dash can be found on our site at: http://www.up200.org/race-info/2018-dryland-dash/ , and will be released soon at http://www.witrailblazers.org .

In addition to the Dryland Dash, there will be a fun run for pet owners with a share of the entry fees for both events going to support UPAWS.

The Fun Run is intended for people with limited or no experience to try their own dog on a one day, one mile, one dog bikejoror or canicross. This Fun Run will be offered at 2 pm on Saturday. A limited number of harnesses, shock absorber lines, and waist belts may be available for loan. Entry information and rules for the Fun Run can be found on our site at: http://www.up200.org/200-fun-run/ .